Withered N3.2bn Alausa Power Project

(Last Updated On: 2021-10-11)


. As Eradicated Power Generators Resurfaced At Alausa Secretariat

The Alausa Power Project, located at Alausa, Ikeja was commissioned in October 2013. It is a product of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) between the Lagos State Government and Alausa Power Project (APL). The power project was built at a cost of N3.2 billion during the administration of ex-governor Babatunde Fashola (SAN).

It was a 10.4 Megawatts power project which, when it was put to use, it eradicated 120 industrial power generating sets that was in use by ministries and agencies within and around the State Secretariat. It runs on environmentally friendly natural gas delivered via a pipeline from Gaslink Nigeria Limited’s existing gas distribution grid.

Then, the regular unhealthy noise and smokes from these power generators that dotted the Secretariat became a thing of the past. Civil servants and visitors heave a sigh of relief, the environment was conducive and workers became happy due to a noise free ambiance and clear discussions on work related matters in their various offices within the secretariat. The power project was regarded as “the most significant power project” the state government has undertaken at that time.

AP News investigations conducted over re-emergence of heavy duty power generators inside Alausa Secretariat eight years after they have been done away with revealed that the facility has not been working as promised since it was commissioned for many reasons among which is shortage of gas.

An insider who volunteered to speak on the issue on condition of anonymity explained that the capability of the PPP power project was overrated thus, it breaks down regularly and lacks effective maintenance. The source added that what befall the Alausa power projects happened to other IPP’s – Akute, Lagos Island, Mainland Power Project and Peninsula Integrated Power Project. He alleged that some among the workers who are saddled with the responsibility of maintaining these Independent Power projects have turned them into money making venture.

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Findings also show that the facilities connected to the Alausa Power Project; for which it supplies light when it was functional are in total 62 public buildings; 156 departments and over 4,000 offices. These include the Lagos State Government Secretariat, Alausa, Lagos State Television (LTV 8), Lagos Printing Corporation, Arts and Culture, Office of the Surveyor-General, the planned Multi-Agency Complex behind Ministry of Transportation and Staff Quarters I, II, and III. Then there are the street lights on the ever busy Awolowo Road, Ikeja to enhance security of all the areas at night.

The General Manager of Lagos State Electricity Board (LSEB), Damilola Ogunbiyi while given introduction on the innovative Independent Power Project in Lagos, said,” the sustainability of these projects is our priority. We have established long-term power purchase agreements (PPA) for all our power plants. We work tirelessly to complete each of our projects to highest international standard.”

What is obvious after moving round Alausa Secretariat mid-last week is, heavy power generators has returned to Alausa Secretariat premises humming deafening noise during official hours.

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