What To Do Before Building A House In Lagos

(Last Updated On: 2021-11-21)

Applications for development as explained last Monday are considered in accordance with the law. The aim of the government is to manage change in the public interest, striking a fair balance between letting people make changes to their property and preventing changes that could be harmful to the area as a whole or to other community aspirations.

If you intend to embark on any type of development in any part of Lagos State,  you need to visit the nearest District/Local Planning Office in your area, tell the District Officer or Chief Executive Officer what exactly you want to do and you will be guided. It helps, if you go with a copy of your title document, survey plan, draft copy of your proposed development and any other useful and relevant document.

The District Officer/Chief Executive Officer of the District Town Planning Offices and Local Planning Offices can only grant development permits within their area of jurisdiction with, in most cases, Clearance and Concurrence of the General Manager of the Lagos Building Control Agency,  the Commissioner for Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development and the State Governor.

Importantly, you are required by law to pay administrative charges for all applications for the grant of development permits. These charges must be paid at the time the application is being made otherwise, this application will not be considered.

The fees vary with the size (volume), type (land use), and location of the proposed development. Penal fees are also payable for any violation of the Lagos State Urban and Regional Planning and Development Law of 2005.

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