Osun Plans to Issue ID Cards to Herdsmen

(Last Updated On: 2021-06-10)

Osun government has announced plans to have issue ID cards to Fulani-Bororo herdsmen as part of its data capturing and profiling of herders in the state.

Mudasiru Toogun, Chairman of the Committee on Peaceful Co-existence between Fulani/Bororo and Farmers in Osun, disclosed this at a meeting held with heads of Fulani and Bororo on Wednesday in Osogbo.

Toogun said the data capturing exercise was part of the government’s efforts to strengthen the cordial relationship and peaceful coexistence between Fulani/Bororo herders and Yoruba farmers in the state.

He disclosed that the government would also embark on enumeration and headcount of immigrants in the state.

According to Toogun, the exercise is part of efforts to update the statistics and data of immigrants living in the state.

He said the initiative would help determine the immigrants’ population to prevent any form of security threat that might arise from the influx of migrants.

Toogun noted that the state had worked out modalities to begin issuing identity cards to Fulani and Bororo living in the state as a means of identification.

He explained, “The essence of this meeting is to meet our people, the Fulani/Bororo community, to sensitise them on the need to continue to strengthen the existing bond of unity, peaceful coexistence, and togetherness.

“As we all know and as reported in the media, some states in the country are facing serious security threats, resulting from Fulani-Bororo and farmers crises.”

Toogun further stated that the government would commence “the enumeration and headcount for immigrants, particularly Fulani-Bororo herders living in the state, as part of efforts to fight insecurity.”

In his response, the Seriki Fulani in the state, Ibrahim Babatunde, assured the government of total compliance with relevant rules capable of sustaining the bond of unity between them and Yoruba farmers.

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