2019: Group Cautions Yagba Elders on ‎Elections Candidacy  ‎

The integrity Mandate group, a group which has stood out to champion the course of identifying and projecting suitable candidates for the 2019 election that will address the yearning and aspiration of the people of Yagba has observed with dismay the report coming from the recently held APC Critical Stakeholders Meeting at Isanlu on the 3rd February 2018.
The spokesman of integrity mandate group Mr. Durojaiye Hassan while reacting to the communiqué issued at the end of meeting, regarding the rotational arrangement for the principal elective offices ranging from executive chairman of the local government to federal house of representative and senate in Yagba federal constituency for the upcoming general election expressed disappointment at the APC Yagba elder’s advisory council.
According to him, the meeting failed to critically observe the inequalities that persist in the system which may undermine the peoples’ most deeply held values of fairness and equality.
He said he who comes to equity must come with clean hands, as equity, justice and fairness should be the focal point for every agitation irrespective of the group involved, agitation devoid of such ingredients is void Ab-initio and cannot hold water.
He said it is important to stress that “we have gone pass the era of primitive politics and political impositions where decisions are made for people in proxy without their consent. The resolution at this meeting lack the basic ingredients of equity, fairness and justice, which should be paramount in producing quality representative.”
Durojaiye said It is on record that the Isanlu Axis has produced a minister, a house of Representatives member at the Federal level and a commissioner while  Mopa Amuro has been a bit  more fortunate.
He explained that the Isanlu Axis “produced the first Deputy governor of Kogi State 1992, Senate seat 1992, House of Representatives 1999-2003, SSG to the Kogi State government 2003-2007,Minority Leader to Kogi State house of assembly 2003-2007. Speaker of the house of assembly Kogi State government 2007-2011. Acting governor of Kogi State government 2009 for 3months. so he asked where is the justice, equity and fairness if the meeting concede the NASS slot to Yagba east will also be taking it to Isanlu when the Oke Oyi axis clearly hasn’t been so privileged. This goes to show that Isanlu axis will be succeeding itself since Hon. T J Faniyi from Isanlu was the last member to represent the axis at the Federal level.”‎
Durojaiye called for caution and thorough analysis as mechanism that should be strictly followed before making such pronouncement which is capable of leading to a discord among the peaceful people of Yagba and also give a negative impression of what the issue really is.
He said the committee has lost its locus standing by engaging in activities that run foul of its mandate as reports going around undeniably indicates that the elders were hell bent on achieving their self-serving agenda towards a certain candidate who was reported to have given them a whopping sum of N15m to subvert the decision of the advisory council to his favor thereby disenfranchising other credible and widely accepted aspirants from other axis.
The group’s spokesperson noted that further that ‎findings show that the resolution was a ploy to pave the way for a certain candidate especially by zoning the position of House of Representatives to Mopa Muro thereby denying other axis like oke oyi their inalienable rights to aspire and answer to the call of the people.
He said, “The axis has shown keen interest and has a very viable candidate who has been ascertained to be capable and widely accepted to not just fly the ticket but also to win the general election. One wonders why such a gathering of elders will discountenance reasoning, history and popular opinion of the people in arriving at its resolution which marks sheer acts of desperation to foist on unpopular candidate on the generality of Yagba people.”
He affirmed his ideology which was based on the fact no matter who or what you support, fairness should be paramount in our decision making on who to support and thereafter advised the Elders council in the words of Abraham Lincoln that said; “These men ask for just the same thing, fairness, and fairness only. This, so far as in my power, they, and all others, shall have”. That the committee should stand firm to ensure fairness and equity so as not to create division and disharmony among the rank of its supporters.‎