NCS to mark 40th anniversary at NITMA 2018, Recounts Achievements


Susan Onuorji

The Nigerian  Computer Society(NCS) is set to mark its 40th anniversary after  four decades  of  challenging and exciting efforts in accelerating Information Technology (IT) in Nigeria.

The president of  Nigeran Computer Society (NCS),  Adesola Aderounmu, disclosed this at a press conference on Friday, Ikeja, Lagos.

According to him, the celebrationis slated for 15th of November, 2018 at the annual National Information Technology Merit Awards (NITMA) nights at Naval Dockyard, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Recounting  the history of NCS, the president said that the society was formed in  the year  1978 under the umbrella of Computer Association of Nigeria(CAN) before transforming into NCS with the 2005 harmonization of ISPON, COAN, ITAN and ISPAN.

“It has been growing and waxing stronger day by day and year by year with a lot of landmark and memorable achievements.

Since it was launched in 1978, NCS has laid a very solid foundation for the country to have the level of ICT awareness, use, applications and achievements we are witnessing today in all sectors of Nigerian economy and society”, he stressed.

Speaking on the achievements of the society, Aderounmu stated that “over the past 40 years, NCS has been the primary agent behind the amazing and rapid increase in IT deployment in Nigeria. With regard to achieving sustainable development through IT, NCS has been the advocacy  champion behind local content development, Cashless and Fintech, IT in Government, IT for National Security, use of IT for productivity in all spheres of life, IT Education and so many other critical that are changing Nigerian society dramatically”.

Also,  responding to the challenges NCS has encountered over the years and the future plans the  president has for the society,  the president revealed  that lack of implementation of policies from the government after proposal and the political wills of the government were among the difficulties NCS has encountered.

” We plan to establish the West African Computer Society after  achieving presence in Ghana, Liberial, Sierria Leone while working in hands with ECOWAS”, he said.

Commenting on the highlights of the event,  there will be the 40th anniversary special award president to recognize different personalities and  their  various roles in upholding the flag of NCS at various times during the 40th years journey and as well as  the annual NITMA award nights to celebrate and reward outstanding excellence and exceptional contributions in the Information Technology.

He further urged the government and the society at large to recognsize, honour and reward those that are contributing immensely in IT development.

“IT is critical to enabling economic recovery and growth as well as achieving sustainable development. We must encourage those in our environment who are using their knowledge, creativity and resourcefulness to develop local technology solutions that are so essential to the drive for social economic growth, recovery and development. NCS calls on you to celebrate them because this is about progress and the future of our nation, he added.”


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