NASFAT Canvasses Respect for Women and Girls Child, Advocates End To Violence Against Women 

(Last Updated On: 2021-06-21)
The leading Islamic prayer group in Nigeria, Nasrul-lahi-li Fathi Society of Nigeria, NASFAT has stressed the need to respect women and give good quality education to the girls child as a way of ending violence against women in the society.
This was the main message NASFAT spread at Owutu Isawo community at the weekend when the faith based organisation staged a sensitisation walk to create awareness as part of her involvement in the UNICEF under EU-UN Spotlight Initiative on ending violence against women in Nigeria.
Speaking to AP News at the rally, the National Programme Coordinator, NASFAT UNICEF partnership, Alhaja Mariam Kareem said the awarrness rally signifies a week of enlightenment to educate community people on the need to shun all forms of violence against women and girls in the society. 
According to her, the rally which was taking place simultaneously in six states across six geopolitical zones in Nigeria was to join forces with UNICEF through the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative in spreading the message of rightful positioning of women in Nigeria.
She said, “We are doing the rally to sensitise the people to do away with anything that could harm women and girls in our society.”
She noted that NASFAT is involved in the UNICEF EU-UN Spotlight initiative campaign on ending violence against women and girls because the message is in tandem with her mandate.
Kareem said, “As a religious organization, part of our mandates is to uplift welfare of the people as stipulated in our holy book, the Quran that we should do away with anything that could cause harm to humanity. So, this is in tandem with what NASFAT stands for. Regardless of religion,  we care about peace and peaceful coexistence in our society.
“Our specific message is that the battering, punching, emotional violence against women must stop. Most women are not enjoying their matrimonial homes because of one abuse or the other. So, we are appealing and sensitizing the people to kindly take things easy with women because women are important to the development of the society.”
The Executive Secretary, NASFAT, Abdul Rahman Adogie disclosed that the rally was a response to the rising cases of domestic violence in Nigeria.
He explained that the essence of the rally was to create awareness on the need to end this evil act.
Adogie said, “We need to love our women, we need to train our children. We are here saying no to all forms of violence against women and girls. Train a woman and train a nation, our aim is to see how we can help UNICEF propagate the message at the grassroots. This is a grassroots awareness campaign and sensitization programme.”
Also, NASAFAT National Economic Empowerment Secretary, Mr. Ibrahim Olasunkanmi Otitoju-Saka, said it is important that women are respected.
He said a girl child deserves good qualitative education and women also deserve respect because they are indeed.
He said this is because women are “our mothers, sisters and all that we have. Without women, we are nothing. The gateway to the world are women and the holy prophet (PUH) said our gateway to heaven are our mothers. Therefore, we need to give them all necessary support. We should end all forms of violence and abuses against them for our society to be in a better state.”
“NASFAT recognizes the fact that our women and girls child are important component part of society and take a pride place even in our faith as a whole chapter of the holy Quran is dedicated to women. This is why NASFAT has gone into this collaboration with UNICEF Spotlight initiative trying to help end abuse of our women.”


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