Lagos State Govt Presents 51 New GAC Cars To State Judiciary

L-R: Chairman GAC Motor, Chief Diana Chen, Lagos State Chief of Staff, Mr Tayo Ayinde, Justice Oluwatoyin Oyekan-Abdullahi, Lagos State Chief Judge, Justice Kazeem Alogba, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State, Attorney General/Commissioner of Justice, Mr Moyosore Onigbanjo, and Admin Justice Ikeja judiciary division, Hon. Justice Grace Onyeabo at the official handover of 51 new GAC GS8 vehicles to the judges of the Lagos State Judiciary held within the Lagos State High Court premises on Wednesday.
(Last Updated On: 2020-09-24)

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Wednesday, 23rd of September set the premises of the Lagos State High Court pulsing with excitement as he presented scores of the prizewinning GAC GS8 vehicles and houses to judges of the Lagos State Judiciary.

The official handover ceremony took place at the Lagos State High Court, with representatives from the Lagos State   Government, CIG Motors Nigeria – distributors of the GAC brand in Nigeria, members of the State judiciary, headed by the Chief Justice, Honourable Kazeem Alogba and the press witnessing this notable moment in history.

The Governor, accompanied by members of the judiciary and Chief Diana Chen led an inspection and test drive of the full-size  SUV while it flaunted its unique blend of comfort, ruggedness, and manoeuvrability – a highlight that justified the GAC brand as being the perfect choice for vehicular movement on Nigerian roads.

During the event, the Governor addressed the judges, stating the importance of Law and its impact on civilized societies;

“There is no rule of law without a formidable judicial system.  Today, we are not only reminded of the efforts of the judiciary but of the magistrates also. I make this commitment today, that before the end of the year, we’ll be back here, honouring and celebrating the efforts of the magistrates, both retired and otherwise. Their services might have ended, but their efforts are not forgotten, they are embedded in our hearts and evident in the Lagos we see. We’ll also be supporting the offices of both committees with staff buses and rendering any help that might improve productivity.”

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While the event soared with excitement, the Governor also announced the donation of  8 houses to the committee.

Chief  Judge,  Honourable  Kazeem Alogba also addressed the audience saying: “As the oldest and busiest judiciary in Nigeria, the onus is on our government to make sure judges remain impartial arbiters of justice, we understand and appreciate your key role, the role of separation of power Mr. Governor, and  we  appreciate  your efforts today.  Today,  you  have  given  us  not  only  car  keys,  but  keys   to efficiently and effectively improve our duties.”

Chief Diana Chen, Chairman of CIG Motors, expressed appreciation for the judiciary’s key role in the current affairs of the state.

She said “We’re gathered here today as a symbol of the Governor’s promise. Mr Governor, you care about what you see and act on what you promise. Our Governor is a visionary and we at Choice International are proud to be a part of his vision. GAC is beyond just a vehicle, we are MADE FOR MORE and are happy to be a part of this great feat. It’s our responsibility to ensure the advancement of the state, as both private citizens and organizations, as well as the government.” She also thanked the judiciary and the magistrates for their services to Lagos.

The ceremony ended with accolades for CIG Motors and the GAC; as judges commended the vested interests  of  the  automobile  brand  in  Nigeria,  especially  through  its  numerous  contributions  to administrative bodies of the Lagos State government,   even playing a crucial role in providing relief support  during  the  COVID-19  crisis.  GAC vehicles are the preferred brand for the security forces in China and are slowly expanding their footprint to other security parastatals around the globe.

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