#JusticeForOmolara: Nigerians bemoan failing healthcare

The dead woman's body. Focus on hand
(Last Updated On: 2021-05-09)

Nigerians on Twitter are recounting instances where the nation’s healthcare system has disappointed them, dashed hopes and led to the loss of lives.

The hashtag ‘#JusticeForOmolara’ is trending with over 5,000 tweets. It all began when a close friend of the deceased narrated how Omolara Omoyajuwolo who suffered from Ulcer, died.

According to the narrator, Omolara had complained of peptic ulcer pain and immediately went to the hospital to get treatments. She was tested, injected and treated for malaria.

Omolara returned home and tried to eat, however, she vomited and started sweating profusely. Her friend, Charah, came to visit, cleaned her up and sought help from a neighbour to take her back to the hospital.

When they got to Breachland hospital, Omolara was breathing hard. She was referred to the same doctor who attended to her earlier. Charah overheard the doctor saying that Omolara would be admitted. She, immediately went home to pick items that might be needed from the house.

Getting back to the hospital, she met a nurse trying to inject Omolara on her hand (the way drip is fixed). Complaining of breathing difficulty, Omolara was placed on oxygen.

However, her condition deteriorated so much that she had to be referred to another hospital, the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH).

A BID form (Brought in Dead) was filled on arrival as Omolara didn’t make it to LASUTH. PM NEWS gathered that the deceased worked with LASEMA (Lagos State Emergency Management Agency) as a call agent. Efforts to procure an ambulance from LASEMA proved abortive.

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Charah blames the Nigerian healthcare system for the loss of her friend. According to her, health mismanagement and negligence of medical staff caused Lara’s death.

Thereafter, she called for a reform of the Nigerian healthcare system. Rest in Peace Omolara.

Culled from Frank Talk


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