‘It Is Wrong To Stigmatise All Fulani As Violent’ — FULCAN

(Last Updated On: 2021-10-18)

The Christian Fulani, under the aegis of Fulani Christians Association of Nigeria (FULCAN), said it was wrong to stigmatise all Fulani as violent when such accusation has not been proved with empirical data.

FULCAN have cried out over the notion by many Nigerians that the Fulani are associated with violent herders causing trouble with farmers across the country.

For this reason, FULCAN has begun a massive mobilisation effort to correct the erroneous impression about them and to create a new image for themselves and the next generation of their people.

The body has also called on the Fulani race to step out and educate their children on the wrong notion being bandied against them and free themselves from the deep-seated and widespread stereotyping and stigmatisation.

As a first step towards correcting the wrong impression, FULCAN is engaging the Fulani in Cameroun, Chad, Central Africa, Niger, Ghana, Burkina-Faso, Gambia among other West African countries with a strong message that the time has come for all people irrespective of tribe and religion to embrace peace.

Chairman of the association, Rev. Buba Aliyu, said: “If you go back to history and the accounts in the Bible, you will discover that among those God manifested Himself to were herders. My greatest concern is that our Fulani people left education behind, saying that they want to herd, forgetting that today, the world has got to a point that you don’t even see bushes any longer because of population.

“That is why we as Fulani Christians are calling on the Fulani race to step out of what they are into and educate their children on how to know God. Any religion that says you should carry arms and go and kill your fellow brother does not know God. This is because this life you are taking belongs to God.”

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Source: Guardian

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