I Don’t Want To Go To Cotonou And Put Up A Situation — Igboho’s Lawyer

(Last Updated On: 2021-07-22)


Igboho’s lawyer Yomi Aliu (SAN) was on Rave FM, a radio station in Osogbo, the capital of Osun State, where he shed more light into how the Yoruba nation agitator was arrested by Beninnise security officials.

He said Igboho, his wife and brother were traveling and were already inside the aircraft before someone called attention to the fact that Igboho was wanted in Nigeria.

He said: “Somebody pointed out that Igboho had been on the wanted list and he was inside the plane. He was arrested immediately and there was a standby helicopter to take him to Nigeria. Sunday, his wife and his brother put up a fight at the airport, which attracted some Yoruba indigenes in the place, and they came to their rescue. He was beaten with a hard object in his hand that left him in pain.

Despite the injury, they still kept him handcuffs, saying that they have an order from above.

Aliu debunked the report that Igboho was lured into arrest.

The lawyer said he did not “belong to any group, neither Afenifere nor Odua Nation group. I am directly appointed My philosophy is different from their philosophy. But I am for Sunday so that his right will not be breached.”

On how he has been communicating with Igboho since his arrest, the lawyer said: “Communication with Igboho is indirect. I don’t want to go to Cotonou and put up a situation whereby I will be embarrassed. But I speak with him indirectly anytime I want to speak with him and I’ve been speaking with him through somebody who should know. I am a core professional directly engaged by Sunday Igboho and I’ve been his lawyer for the past 20years.”

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Aliu added: “They chained him in the cell where they put him in Cotonou. There was a fracas at the airport yesterday when he was arrested. They hit him in the hand and that same hand was handcuffed, he is in pain and he was weeping like a child when I called, I heard him.”

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