How LG is Accelerating Gender Equality in Workplace, Homes through Smart Technology 

(Last Updated On: 2019-03-06)

Technology defines our era and it knows no gender. With female students outnumbering men at universities, the future points to more influential women-led businesses and start-ups. Women will become consumer tech early adopters, so it’s important to consider what women want because their influence will only increase. As gender equality increases, so does the need for technology to adapt.

Realising the need for gender equality, socially responsible companies across the world are lending their voice to advocate for gender parity.

For more than half a century, LG has celebrated the efforts of women world over with products that are friendly to operate while giving women the leverage they need to compete with anyone and develop their potential to the fullest.

Breaking of the Female Stereotype

More women are making up the overall workforce, with some work areas being dominated by them. This goes to show the progress being made towards gender parity. This breaking of the female stereotype has led to more women working, and governments have now turned to promote women as not just workers, but leaders of small and large companies. We now live in a world where successful business women and leaders of countries are not hard to come by, which proves how women can not only hold responsible positions but also excel in them.

According to Mr Hari Elluru, Head of Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics, West Africa Operations, “It’s hard to argue against the positive change towards women in workplaces, education institutes and society. Traditionally men have been seen as technologies’ early adopters, but more women are influencing the technology trends we see today.

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He stated that LG is committed to bridging the gender gap across the world through smart technology and convenience with performance.

“Consumers are willing to spend big on technology if it helps them work. LG offers products workers desire, with added unique features, like the light-weight design, to increase convenience and efficiency at work. We tend to promote tech towards improving personal life rather than work life, but a happier work life equals a happier home, and LG has products are perfect for making the working day easier”, he added.

LG makes the perfect study tool for female university students in the LG gram series of laptops. Widely known as the lightest laptops on the market today, LG gram devices make portability a breeze! LG offers both powerful and lightweight laptops for aspiring scholars making it easier than ever to travel around campus with perfect study companion, replacing books and heavy school material while ensuring one can watch a movie, play a game or check social network to catch up with friends and family left behind.

Robot Vacuums Grow in Popularity

Reducing the tedious and time-consuming task of cleaning is empowering. Robot vacuums take cleaning to a whole new level with their versatility and efficiency. LG delivers the ultimate cleaning solution with its HOM-BOT, enabling consumers to take control of their home and still have enough time to appreciate themselves and each other this Women’s Day. It showcases an innovative design that absorbs vibrations and reduces noise, making it one of the quietest robot vacuums in the market.

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Doing Dishes in a Breeze


Doing dishes post a dinner party at home or daily is no longer cumbersome thanks to the advanced technology and dishwashers available now. With an ease of just putting the dishes in the washer and pressing the START button, this chore is no longer a gender-biased task only for the women to perform. It is so easy and convenient that any family member be it your husband, brother or even your dad can do it in a breeze.

Setting New Standards For Dishwashers

Another innovate products manufactured by LG to create a smart kitchen is the SteamClean dishwasher. It is equipped with one-of-a-kind TrueSteam technology. This revolutionary product sets itself apart from the competition with steam technology that not only cleans more effectively but also more efficiently. LG SteamClean delivers a host of unique performance-enhancing technologies to give customers a whole new way to wash dishes. By spraying the contents with steam at the end of the cycle, the LG dishwasher reduces undesirable water spots by 40 per cent!

Gender parity is fundamental to whether and how economies and societies thrive. Ensuring the full development and appropriate deployment of half of the world’s total talent pool has a vast bearing on the growth, competitiveness and future-readiness of economies and businesses worldwide.

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. The theme for this year’s celebration is #BalanceforBetter.



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