FHA, traffic management agencies partner to address gridlock in Gwarinpa

FHA, traffic management agencies partner to address gridlock in Gwarinpa

The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) is collaborate with traffic management agencies to resolve the challenges of road traffic among residents of Gwarinpa Estate, Mr Umar Gonto, the Acting Managing Director of the authority, has said.

Gonto, who was represented by Mrs Hajara Kadiri, Acting Head of Business Development Directorate, said this in Abuja on the occasion of traffic management retreat in Gwarinpa Estate.

“The underlying occasion is to make the most judicious use of space and time which in economic sense simply means moving goods, service and people to where and when they are wanted,’’ he said.

He said that the estate had remained the largest in Nigeria which was serviced with some of the best road infrastructure.

According to him, another cause of gridlock in Gwarinpa was the coming up of other estates around the area.

He said that there were cases of people digging across the roads during construction without taking adequate measures to seal back such places.

“The estate as at today holds triple the population anticipated at the time of conception. The reasons are not far-fetched, ranging from Nigeria’s population growth and the rural-urban migration issues we are face with.

“The authority has usually risen to the occasion by undertaking repairs and also collaborating with sister agencies in addressing the issues,’’ Gonto said.

He said that the occasion would be used to address the flagrant disobedience of traffic rules as most people ignored traffic lights.

Gonto said the authority was not unmindful of the activities of traders along the roads, adding that it was putting measures in place to tackle it.

“For us in the authority, our concern is to make our estate comfortable and liveable for our allotters,’’ he said.

According to him, Gwarinpa is the first pilot scheme as all the estates will be addressed.

Mr Onjefu Ochoche, General Manager, Quality Control, FHA said that the estate was developed as a premium residential neighbourhood with excellent road network, quality infrastructure and conductive environment.

Ochoche said that the estate over time started to witness lot of traffic gridlock causing negative socio-economic consequences.

He said that the two major reasons for the traffic problems were increased in population and attitude of road users and residents.

Ochoche said that the police and Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) had been doing a great job in the management of the estate but the effort had been more or less solitary.

He said there was a need for collective input, partnership cooperation and collaboration to address the problem.

Ochoche said that the immediate task for the occasion was to craft a strategy that would eliminate the traffic gridlock from Gwarinpa Estate.

“Our aim is to develop a unique and enduring road culture that will make Gwarinpa an exceptional traffic experience,’’ he said.

Ochoche said that after the occasion, there would be more deployment of traffic officers on the road, especially at peak period and a more disciplined conduct of tricycle drivers.

He said that market unions would be expected to get traders off the roads.

According to him, the traffic management needs to maintain continuous interface and good understanding.

DSP Timothy Kaasam, Division Traffic Officer, Gwarinpa, said the main problem had been shortage of manpower to handle the problem of gridlock in the estate.

Kaasam called on the residents to obey traffic signs and signals along the road.

He called on tricycle union to educate its members on road signs and traffic rules.

Kaasam called on the authority to make plans for mobile court to be made available in the estate in order to properly handle traffic issues.

Mrs Uchechukwu Izuegbe, Head, FRSC, Gwarinpa Outpost, said that many residential areas had been turned to commercial places without parking lots.

Izuegbe said that the road design did not cater for some of the vehicles such as articulated vehicles while the drivers did not obey traffic signs.



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