FG Loses $178bn Since Shell Exited Ogoni Oilfields In 1993 — MOSOP

Aerial view of Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) plant at Bonny Island in Rivers State on March 22, 2013. Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) has threatened to shut down production in April for nine days in the entire Nembe Creek Truck Line (NCTL) to remove a number of bunkering points on pipelines vandalised by oil thieves in the region. "Whenever we observe a spill, or have a spill on our lines, we shut down production to depressurize and isolate the line, only then can we safely repare our lines because it is then safe to manipulate the line", said Jurgen Jonzen, SPDC corporate pipeline asset manager. Last year, 157 bunkering points were removed and 116 were leaking on the whole SPDC exploitation. Since 2009, SPDC has exprienced an upsurge in vandalisation of pipeline network by criminals causing severe environmental devastation of the region and forcing the company to lose 60 000 barrels daily this year. AFP PHOTO / PIUS UTOMI EKPEI
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The Federal Government has lost $178,850,000,000 (One hundred and seventy eight billion, eight hundred and fifty million), since Shell exited Ogoni oilfields in 1993, the President of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), Fegalo Nsuke, stated.

Nsuke disclosed this while addressing the Congress in Bera, Gokana council.

He accused government’s mismanagement of the Ogoni crisis for the huge financial losses, saying, based on available evidence from the oil industry, Ogoni’s oil production capacity stood at 350, 000 barrels a day before the exit of Shell from Ogoni in 1993.

“An estimated average of $50 for a barrel then, Nigeria has lost an estimated N72 trillion for its mismanagement of the Ogoni crisis. Instead of listening and engaging the people, those who managed the country opted for the repressive approach of killing, maiming and torturing thus exacerbated and prolonged the conflicts.”

Nsuke urged Nigeria to accept the offers made by MOSOP for the implementation of an Ogoni Development Authority to pave the way for a peaceful resolution of the conflicts.

He said the continual delay by relevant agencies of government to accept the Ogoni demands and reach a deal with the Ogoni people does not only amount to economic sabotage but represents a threat to the security of the country.

“The repressive approach and divide and conquer tactics of the oil industry have only worsened the relationship between the government and the people and prolonged the conflicts. The Nigerian government should accept MOSOP’s development proposals as the way forward to a speedy and peaceful resolution of the Ogoni conflicts.

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“Money runs the government and so when those in government fail to take advantage of opportunities to resolve issues that affect the national economy, it does not only amount to sabotaging the economy but is also a threat to national security.”

“I think the inability of decision makers to peacefully resolve the Ogoni crises in over 28 years, leading to the loss of over $178 billion amounts to sabotaging the economy and national security,” Nsuke said.

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