Expert Says Eating Adequate Proportion Of Onions Can Control Hypertension

Assistant Chief Dietician, Dietetics Department, University College Hospital(UCH), Ibadan, Mrs Motunrayo Oduneye, has said that consuming onions in adequate proportion could help lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

She stated this during an interview with Nigerian Tribune, noting that consumption of onions could help prevent some cardio-vascular diseases.

Mrs Oduneye disclosed that onions are very rich in anti-inflammatory properties and flavonoids could help decongest blood clots in hypertensive patients.

She added that eating onions will also reduce the level of cholesterol in obese patients who are hypertensive.

“Onions contain a particular flavonoid called Quercetin which triggers healthy reaction in hypertensive patients. Quercetin has anti-oxidant  and anti-inflammatory effects which might help reduce inflammaation, kill cancer cells, control blood sugar and prevent heart diseases. These anti-inflammatory properties of onions help to decongest blood clots in patients with hypertension thereby regulating the blood pressure.

“We advise diabetic and hypertensive patients to eat a lot of vegetables with their carbohydrate foods. Eating onions adequately could help lower blood pressure. They can slice a bulb of onion into white rice. Even as they do this, they should ensure the onions are steamed with little heat, it shouldn’t be left to deplete its healthy benefits.”

According to the dietician, onion as a vegetable and spice contains other health benefits.

“Onion is a common spice that people use for cooking, although some eat it raw. Onions contain many other healthy properties that boost body immunity against various heart disease conditions.”

In addition, Mrs Oduneye said onions which are very rich in Vitamin C can also provide anti-microbial nutrients.

“Instead of resorting to the use of antibiotic for bacterial infections, especially if you are treating cough, you can slice some quantity of raw onions to eat in the morning before food. You can munch on it.”

The dietician who also said that onions are rich in fibre content, urged adults to take advantage of the health benefits of onions.


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