Ex-Russian President Accuses US Of Waging ‘Proxy War’ 

(Last Updated On: 2022-05-11)

Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev accused the United States of waging a “proxy war” against Russia after the House of Representatives passed a fresh $40bn (£32.4bn) Ukraine aid package.

Mr Medvedev, who has served as deputy chairman of Russia’s security council since resigning as prime minister in January 2020, claimed the package was “not at all explained by love for Ukraine and not even support for its own economy”.

He wrote on the Telegram messaging app: “Its goal is to continue the proxy war against Russia, the desire to inflict a heavy defeat on our country. To limit its economic development and political influence in the world. Will not work.

“Their printing press, due to which America is constantly increasing its already inflated national debt, will break faster.

“Not to mention the insane prices for gasoline and food, for the growth of which Americans should thank their Russophobic authorities. But the goals of the special operation will be achieved.”

The US House of Representatives passed the fresh $40bn Ukraine aid package on Tuesday.

The bill would give Ukraine military and economic assistance, help regional allies, replenish weapons and provide $5bn to address global food shortages caused by the war crippling Ukraine’s normally robust production of crops.



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