‘Education on lactose-free milk needed’

THERE is a need for more education on the benefits of lactose-free milk, Chi Limited Marketing Director, Mrs. Toyin Nnodi, has said.

The launch of Hollandia Lactose-Free Milk last September 2019 gave rise to renewed public consciousness and conversations around lactose intolerance among consumers. Before its introduction, it was common for consumers who were aware of the discomfort of lactose intolerance to avoid milk and miss out on all its nourishing benefits.

Nnodi said Hollandia Lactose-Free Milk, the only 100 per cent Ready to Drink (RTD) lactose-free milk in Nigeria, is easy-to-digest and contains Calcium and essential Vitamin D for strong bones and teeth development. “The solution for lactose intolerance should neither be avoidance nor regulation of milk consumption, but rather continued education about the condition and consumption of a nourishing Lactose-Free Milk – which is what Hollandia Lactose-Free Milk represents.

“By expanding the availability of Hollandia Lactose-Free Milk and educating consumers on how they can keep milk in their diet without discomfort they experience, Hollandia Lactose-Free Milk is offering consumers with lactose intolerance the taste and nourishment they desire in a way that meets their specific needs,” she said.


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