Why I am Contesting For ATCON 1st VP’s Position – Ike Nnamani

My name is Ikechukwu Nnamani, and I am currently the Chief Executive Officer of Medallion Communications Limited. I have held various positions on the board of the National Executive Council of the Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON).

I want to really commend those who established the Association because its existence has impacted the entire eco system greatly and that makes me to conclude that Nigerians have always been proactive and intelligent when it comes to developing any particular sector especially telecom industry.

The Association has been around for about 25 years and it has indeed impacted the industry right from the liberalization of the industry and promotion of sound policy for the growth of the industry.

Having been part of its undisputed success story, I want to further add my voice to the continued protection of the investment that has already been made in the industry and ensure that we work as national executive council members towards attracting further investment to the industry for the good of all Nigerians and work out superior approaches to sustain the growth we have made in the last 25years.

The Association has made many strategic interventions to grow and make the telecom industry what it is today and what it would be in the future. The Associations needs an experienced and visionary people to take it to the next level and I strongly believe I have all it takes to migrate ATCON to the next height.

I still think that there are still more to be done for the industry in order to make our industry a toast of the local and foreign direct investment in the global market.

I know the position of 1st Vice President is important to the achievement we are going to make therefore I am going to work very closely with the President of the Association to promote and encourage further investment to the sector.

I have won many local and international industry awards which time will fail to mention.

I will ensure that all states government buy into the drive to accelerate the broadband penetration in their respective states. You will agree with me that right of way is a big issue which has slowed down the broadband saturation in Nigeria, there shall be an intentional attempt in collaboration with all relevant agencies to remove it.

As you know that the Association has evolved and in order to remain a voice to be reckoned with we need to review our membership classification and new source of income would be identified and explored to increase the financial capability of the Association.

ATCON, under the next Administration of which I plan to be the 1st Vice President would be stronger more prominent both in Nigeria and in the global world.