Halogen Security Floats Identity Management Subsidiary, Avant Halogen

As part of its transformation, Halogen Security Company Limited, Nigeria’s leading Enterprise Security Risk Management Solution Company has officially announced its new identity management and outsourcing solutions company – Avant Halogen.
With the emergence of Avant Halogen, Halogen talent risk management has evolved into a full-fledged subsidiary with specialist focus on identity management, background and due diligence checks and outsourcing solutions.
In its rich history, these Halogen services have gathered extensive experiences and supported many reputable organizations, across the Nigerian business landscape, to better manage outsourcing, identity management and due diligence services.
To fully optimize its potentials, Avant Halogen now operates with a distinct corporate identity whilst functioning in synergy with other Halogen operating companies.
As a key subsidiary of Halogen Group – Nigeria’s premier enterprise security risk management organization – Avant Halogen is structured and empowered to be the nation’s pre-eminent identity management, talent risk and outsourcing solutions provider.
Avant Halogen has undergone significant transformation in the past few months and while its corporate identity shares a common emblem that visually integrates all Halogen operating companies, its vision remains that of being the benchmark center for biometric verification, background check, digital aided identity and credentials confirmation as well as outsourcing solutions that cater to all cadres. 
With rising identity management theft and cyber security related challenges in the Nigerian market, Avant Halogen is positioned to innovatively tackle identity, talent risk, verification and outsourcing issues affecting multinational companies, institutions, parastatals, government security agencies, corporate bodies and the general public.
To fully optimize its potentials, Avant Halogen, whilst operating with a distinct corporate identity will function in synergy with other Halogen Security subsidiaries in a unique model of integrated value delivery Halogen calls the “power of one”
Speaking on the new company, Halogen’s Group Managing Director, Mr. Wale Olaoye says:
“We are delighted to announce the birth of a new company from the Halogen Group – Avant Halogen. The new company is a product of the deep transformation at Halogen Security. This is a redefinition of our unique talent risk management services. The new company is empowered to deliver best-in-class services in the area of identity management and talent risk solution for the Nigerian and the West African economic landscape. Avant’s vision will be driven by professionals with track records in the industry. In line with our avowed cardinal principles of Professionalism, Integrity, Passion, and Excellence, Avant Halogen is positioned to excel as a market leader in Nigeria and ambitious global player in enterprise risk reduction on employment and identity management”

On his part, Head of Business, Avant Halogen, Mr. Chigbo Okeke while speaking about the new company said “We are happy to let the world know that Avant Halogen has hit the ground running. Avant Halogen promises to bring innovative and digital talent risk management solutions with cutting-edge offerings aimed at improving business.  Avant will continuously provide clients with optimal services and enhance their profitability through our highly trained and dedicated workforce”.
Chigbo hinted that with the introduction of Avant Halogen, Nigeria’s human capital sector is about to witness a remarkable change with a new application which will offer background check solutions to both employment seekers and their recruiters. “Very soon, Avant Halogen will officially announce its flagship HR application ‘SCREENED WORKERS.COM towards making recruitment of workers of all cadres both a huge success and fun”, he explained 
While examining opportunities for business growth potentials, the company identified talent risk management and lack of comprehensive digital identity solutions as some of the key factors stifling many corporate companies’ from achieving their growth plans.
Halogen Group which started operation as a private security guard business about 27 years ago, is well positioned as the cornerstone of the enterprise security risk business in Nigeria with 6 new subsidiaries specializing in different areas of enterprise security risk management.