Build on Talents Discovered During Covid-19 Lockdown, NASFAT Urges Women

Build on Talents Discovered During Covid-19 Lockdown, NASFAT Urges Women
Dignitaries at Grand Final of NASFAT 21st Annual Women's Week held at Regency 8,Allausa Ikeja Lago on Sunday

The leading Islamic prayer group, Nasrul-lahi-li Fathi Society of Nigeria NASFAT, has called on women to implement those hidden talents discovered in them during Covid-19 lockdown.

The Provost of Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Prof. Bilkis Lafiaji-Okuneye- gave the advice on Sunday as a guest lecturer at the grand final of the 21st NASFAT annual women’s week held at the Regency Hall, Allausa, Ikeja with the theme ‘The Muslimah: Striving and Thriving Despite the Pandemic’.

According to her, the pandemic came unanticipated but, it turned to be an opportunity for family bonding and further self discovery.

She said despite that the pandemic made some people lose their jobs, online businesses became thriving while a lot of other untapped opportunities became relevant and open.

The don noted that women as home makers were exposed to more violence during the pandemic according to available research reports however, some women were able to discover hidden talents in them.

She explained that these hidden talents should be leveraged because “we are in the era when certificate is no longer relevant, women should go beyond having certificate and face the new normal.

Prof. Lafiaji-Okuneye said, “Women should begin to build on other talent discovered in them during Covid-19 pandemic. Engage in more self development, reassess their goals, learn trust and understanding to continue thriving in the post pandemic era.”

She emphasized the need for women to find ways of extending family bounding experience and enjoyed during the pandemic by creating time for their children irrespective of their work schedule.

Also, the National President of NASFAT, Mr. Olaniyi Yusuf tasked the group’s national women management committee to engahe in mentoring of out young girl for Islamic propagation.

He said women represent 70 percent of the NASFAT congregation adding that part of NASFAT roles in next 25 years is to mentor new crop of young girls who will take over from their mothers and continue from where they stop.

Yusuf said, “We need to do more as a society and as NASFAT women, you need to involve the young ladies that can be brought forth to take over from where the you stop.  We need to go out and find women who are below 40 who will represent the future of the society.  Groom, counsel and mentor them to take up the responsibility and it will be our joy to see them take up from where we stop. We need to deliberately involved new generation of young women adult.”

He spoke about two major national projects of the group which are the Fountain University, and the construction of the national mosque at Aseese. 

Yusuf noted that NASFAT has grown beyond just a prayer group with her expansion into education, health and so on. 

He said, “The society is handling Islamic propagation through both virtual and physical means. The society is now focused on health, education, livelihood and dawah.”

The National Women Affairs Secretary,  Mrs Suweebah Bola Kupolati in her welcome address said the focus of the annual women’s week was carefully chosen to address Covid-19 global pandemic as affected the Muslim women.

According to her, apart from the ravaging effects of the pandemic, Nigeria also witnessed the EndSARS protests which was hijacked by hoodlums and led to widespread violence across the country hereby aggravating the negative impact of Covid-19.

She described both events as ‘very sad incidents’ while praying for Allah’s protection against such calamity on the universe.


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