Buhari Claims Fulani Herders with AK-47 are not Nigerians

(Last Updated On: 2021-06-10)

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday made a claim that the Fulani herders attacking farmers across the country with sophisticated weapons like AK-47 rifles are not Nigerians.

He added that the Nigerian Fulani herders only carry sticks and machete to gather herbs for their cattle.

The president mentioned this during an interview with Arise TV broadcast on Thursday.

“The problem is to understand the culture of the cattle rearers.

“The Nigerian cattle rearers do not carry anything more than a stick.

“Sometimes they carry machetes to just cut some herbs for the cattle,” he said.

“But those foreigners from other parts of Africa are carrying AK-47.

“From the Saharan area, people run to Nigeria and Fulani from Kenya and other Central Africa look the same so when you see them you think they are Nigerian Fulani.

“I assure you that we are trying to ensure that we make them accountable”.

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