Army Gen. Identifies Logistics Support As Key To Successful Operations

nigerian army
nigerian army
(Last Updated On: 2021-11-30)


Maj.-Gen. Martin Enendu, Commandant of the Nigerian Army College of Logistics, Ojo, Lagos, said success in security operations were only possible with intelligence sharing and provision of infrastructures and logistics support to security forces.

Enendu stated this at the second distinguished lecture series organised by the School of Transport and Logistics, Lagos State University.

“This requires a coherent and reliable integration of all resources by the right category of personnel to support the men executing such operations.

“In order to increase the speed of deployment and enhance service delivery by security forces during emergency situations, Nigeria can set up logistics outfits at the national level.

“Government can give them the mandate to coordinate all transportation assets and infrastructures and make them available to security forces in national interest,’’ he said.

He noted that transportation needed to operate efficiently and effectively in order to support national security requirements.

“Transportation will help to speed up mobilisation of security personnel and their equipment, especially in times of emergencies.

“Transportation infrastructure is also linked with accessibility, particularly for military operations,’’ Enendu stressed.

Government’s efforts in this regard were often supported by individuals and organisations that provided assistance that cut across wide spectrum of activities, Enendu added.

“Such efforts include intelligence sharing and provision of infrastructures and logistics support to security forces.

“Through these processes, nations have overcome various degrees of security threats.


“There is need for an improvement of awareness on the civic responsibilities of individuals and organisations to support security forces prosecuting national security operations,’’ Enendu said.

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