APEK Group, PwC Introduce New Digital Tool To African Market

(Last Updated On: 2022-05-12)


APEK Group, in collaboration with PwC Nigeria, is introducing JAVAT 365, a new digital collaboration tool to the African market.

With an introductory price of just $2 USD/user/month, companies on the continent can now sign up to use the cost-effective and user-friendly solution to improve collaboration and communication with their employees and frontline workers.

As remote work gains more prominence, the need for simple, affordable communication and collaboration tools has never been more critical. The collaboration between both organisations will help to empower organisations, government agencies, and NGOs doing business in Africa to succeed in today’s digital-first world.

Yemi Bakre, APEK Group’s Co-founder/Practice Lead, noted:

“In simple terms, JAVAT 365 is a software as a service (SaaS), which offers significant saving advantage and a simpler way to collaborate with information consumers within and outside your organisation by reassessing and leveraging your existing licences.

Research shows that team building and effective collaboration are the highest-ranked aspects of a great workplace. The acronym, JAVAT 365, translates to ‘Just A Very Awesome Team All Year Round.”

On his part, Damola Yusuf, Partner Technology Advisory, PwC Nigeria, said:

“As the transition into the new ways of working accelerates, managing a huge workforce across diverse locations could be challenging. JAVAT 365 is a customisable, cost-effective internal collaboration tool to ease workforce communication and boost information sharing.”



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