70 per cent of African women suffer hormonal acne — Afolayan

For Mrs Tubosun Afolayan, the Founder of one of the cosmetics manufacturing hub post-birth skin flares can be embarrassing, especially for women who hardly investigate the type of cosmetics they wear adding that 70percent of African women suffer hormonal acne. She disclosed this at the launch of her cosmetic outfit, the Cosmetics Manufacturing Hub, where she revealed how she suffered hormonal acne after giving birth. Narrating her story,

“When I gave birth my skin turned into something different. So I had a lot of pimples, very horrible.

“I tested different options, but there was something in the natural skin care products, though it didn’t give me 100 percent results when I learned and made it out properly in an ethical way I got the results I wanted.

“Seeing me know, you will not know that I have suffered post hormonal acne and I know that post hormonal acne can do a lot of damage to an African woman. It makes you lose confidence in yourself, it can even stop a dream from berthing”, she said.

She added “So that is how I came into this business, first to help myself and also to extend that help through these products to others who suffered the same.

“I can tell you that over 70% of African women suffer hormonal acne, so it is a big deal. It is the same way 70 percent of African women bleach”, she said.

On producing natural skincare products including soap, toner, mask, and moisturizer, Afolayan said the Nigeria landscape is a very interesting one, which is good for the cosmetics industry.


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